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allowing people to carry guns in bars and other public buildings. >>> president obama landed in malaysia today exactly .7 weeks since flight 370 disappeared. he arrived just as the u.s. navy is nearing the end of an under water search. he plans to discuss the tragedy with the country's prime minister and regional and trade issues are on the agenda. the president is attending an elaborate dinner at the palace where he offered a toast to the growing relationship. >> our people have similar hopes and similar aspirations. we can draw strength in both of our nations from our ethnic and religious diversity. >> the first u.s. president to visit malaysia in five decades. >>> up next, it's not over yet, african officials confirm there will be a run-off of the historic allegations, also raising concerns in afghanistan >> a rare look inside baghdad's command center. [ music ] in southern afghanistan, a british helicopter went down in kandahar province. nato is investigating. >>> in the northern, more have been forced to flee flood waters. villagers in fourth northwestern prove i knew i s ince z /*
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white house correspondent ed henry is live from malaysia with more, ed. >> good to see you. you're right. the first u.s. president since lyndon johnson to visit this asian nation. they would love to talk about the good will here, trade ties. a big steak dinner for the president as well as the search for the missing malaysian airlines jet which u.s. law enforcement agencies including the fbi have been helping a lot with. but you're right that ukraine hows of miles away has been the focus. not just here in malaysia but the previous two stops in south korea and japan because the situation on the ground there appears to be deteriorating. you've had the interim prime minister suggesting that what vladimir putin really wants to do is spark a third world war. that put the president on defense. he's been scrambling on this trip and talking to european leaders to come up with the new round of u.s. sanctions coming on monday but also european sanctions may be coming as well. bottom line, though, they're not likely to be the sort of large sector sanctions pointed at say the energy and banking secto
of malaysia right now, kuala lumpur. third stop in a week-long swing through asia, trade and security issues to talk about. but there's also the work to find malaysia airlines flight 370 that's been missing for search weeks now. erin mcpike at the white house. erin, what's the president saying about the search? >> reporter: well, don, it has come up, certainly, in his travels in malaysia. and he offered an interview to the malaysian newspaper "the star" yesterday and made some comments about that there, offering his condolences, of course, to the malaysian people about their loss but also made important point bts help that the u.s. has provided that country. i want to read some of those comments to you now. ace friend and partner of malaysia, the united states was one of the first countries to join in the search for the missing plane. u.s. navy ships, aircraft and personnel remain on the scene on the search. our government is working closely with malaysia on the investigation as to what caused the plane to disappear. we will continue to assist in the search and investigation. that's an impor
in malaysia today. it is the third stop of his tour of asia, aimed at building closer ties with u.s. allies in that region. however, the long-awaited visit comes at a tense time as mr. obama tackles several foreign policy issues. ed henry is live from malaysia with more. hi, ed. >> reporter: good to see you, arthel. you're right. certainly you would expect that missing malaysia airlines jet may come up. because the fbi, other u.s. agencies have been helpful in trying to find the jet. there's likely to be talk of pomp and circumstance, there was a lavish state dinner here for president obama because he's the first u.s. president to visit this destination since lyndon johnson. you're absolutely right, it's all about these other issues, thousands of miles away, like ukraine. we've seen the situation deteriorate on the ground, the interim ukrainian prime minister says he thinks russian president vladimir putin is actually itching to start world war iii. so president obama has been scrambling on this trip in asia, talking to european allies, trying to figure out what to do next. u.s. officials t
into ukraine. president obama toasts the u.s. relationship with malaysia as he prepares for trade talks. millions of catholics gather at the vatican ahead of ceremonies that will turn two popes into saints. all of the world is a stage for the celebration of william shakespeare's birth. [ music ] >>> with ukraine's crisis still raging, several developments are occurring this week in g7 nations who agree to step up sanctions against russia. european xdiplomats are said to have an emergency meeting on monday. they are talking about deescalating tensions on the ground. secretary of state john kerry and his continuerpart spoke on the phone and asked to stop ukrainian actions against pro-russian demonstrators. the prime minister cut short a trip to italy because of the tensions in the east. >> russian military aircraft, today at 9:00 crossed and violated ukrainian airspace for seven times. russian aggression has its aim to undermine the global security and global stability to redraw the lines and to revise the consequences of the second world war. >> also, from moscow, promising to help rele
on a four-nation tour that brings him to japan, malaysia, and the philippines. it's a trip that has long been on hold, the president had to cancel his scheduled asian trip last year. during the government shutdown and canceled twice in 2010. the bp oil spill and debate. forcing our traditional asian allies to feel skeptical. about the so-call the pivot. notably the series in syria and ukraine. the president is there to reassure, stop japan where mr. obama was treated to a formal state visit. japan is the u.s.'s fourth largest trading partner with $203 billion in goods flowing between the two nations last year, 2013. but there's an on going trade in balance. u.s. exports, $635 billion while japan exports $138 billion to the u.s. in order to level that playing field, president obama wants to boost the tpp, the transpacific partnership of free trade zone that does not include china. if the tpp were to become reality, it would comprise the biggest trade accord in u.s. history, but there are hurdles. the u.s. wants a bigger foothold than japan's automobile and agricultural sectors. only 6% of
in asia right now in malaysia and extending his condolences to those who are impacted by the missing plane. thanks so much, at the white house, erin mcpike. >>> here in the u.s., 20 million people could be impacted this weekend by an outbreak of possible deadly tornadoes and storms. let's go straight to meteorologist jennifer grey in a cnn severe weather center. we're really just seeing the beginning of what could be a pretty dangerous season? >> yeah, this is going to be a multi-day event. we had a quiet severe weather season up until now. so this is going to be the most significant event we've seen so far this season. it is getting a late start but that duns mean anything in the way of healthier the storms can be. this is a saturday, sunday, monday and possibly, fred, even into tuesday event for the east coast. we'll start with saturday. and today, that's where we're going see the storms begin to fire up. right now on the radar not so much. we have showers out in the rockies. but we're going to be zeroing in on this area here right from the texas pan hanle all of the way up to nebraska a
group, over a possible peace with israel. >>> and president obama arriving in malaysia today, the first visit to the country by a u.s. president in nearly 50 years. the president attending an official dinner with the king and prime minister. the president saying his visit is, quote, an opportunity to formalize a comprehensive partnership and lay the foundation for even closer ties for years to come. during the two-day visit, he's expected to hold trade and security talks. ♪ >>> it will be a very special sunday tomorrow as millions of worshippers are expected in the vatican city for the double sainthood ceremony of two popes. pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii. pope john paul ii, the first onitalian pope in 500 years. religious correspondent lauren green spoke to a cardinal who was actually present at the conclave. >> reporter: john paul ii was one of the longest serving upon actives in history. this weekend elevated to a saint in the catholic church. washington's cardinal, donald wuerl, as a more personal tie. not only did the pontiff make wuerl a bishop, but in 1978, acting as ass
in time. >>> u.s. president barack obama arrived in malaysia on the third leg of his asian tour, the first american leader to visit the country. his visit aims to rebalance u.s. takens to strategic asia pacific region and push a regional trade agreement. >>> a large antinuclear demonstration has been held in taiwan. up to 200 showed up to protest to plans to build a nuclear reactor. it will be the island's forth nuclear power plant. >> the first museum dedicated to the teen men square protests opened in hong kong. >> reporter: with a copy of china's newspaper stated 29 years ago the museum is declared open. it's designed and take the visitor to the event leading to the june 4th nth crack done by the military in which student protesters were killed. it's one of the smallest museums. organizers expect it to have a big impact. >> we are targetting the younger generation born after the june 4th mass anger, so they can experience what we experienced - knock, despair and hope at that time brought about by the movement. >> the group behind the museum is made up of lawmakers and pro-democracy acti
in malaysia, becoming the first president to visit that country since lbj. he talks about the economy and security in the asia-pacific, the crisis in ukraine continues with more sanctions coming. and international observers are now being hailed. we'll update you on that. also, you won't believe what someone caught the guy who owns the l.a. clippers allegedly saying to his girlfriend about black people. we're going to play what he reportedly said and talk about why so many are disgusted and demanding the nba do something. >>> it's an assembly of amino acids, fats, and water that's like what you get out of an animal. >> but will the masses bite? and if they do, what it could mean for the future of food in this country and the world. >>> and how about this? no batteries needed. a flashlight that runs solely on the heat of your hand. a 15-year-old google science fair award winner came up with today's big idea. a whole heck of a lot to get to on this saturday afternoon. we start with that developing story out of los angeles. one that's lighting up the sports world and social media as well.
in malaysi malaysia. >> there you have it, festivities continue in vatican city where millions prepare for the canonization of not one but two popes. >>> more american troops are arriving in eastern europe today, and they'll add to the nato operation responding to tensions in ukraine. the u.s. is sends hundreds of soldiers to the balantic states. >> we are here to demonstrate nato's commitment to lithuania with our persistent presence of trained soldiers. let me make this clear. should lithuania need nato, i guarantee you nato will be there. >> the leaders are preparing to hold emergency talks on monday, and the white house and members of the g-7 all promising penalties for russia saying we have committed to act urgently toance fie targeted sanctions due to the cost of russia's actions. they cut short a trip to italy today citing escalating tensions with russia. >> russian military aircraft today crossed and violated ukrainian air space for seven times. it's clear that russian aggression has its aim to undermine the global security and global stability. to redraw the lines and to revis
obama arriving in malaysia this morning for the third stop on an asian tour. the president attending a state dinner with the king and prime minister. during the two-day visit, expected to discuss trade and security issues. he's also going to hold a town hall style forum with young leaders from across the region. this is the first visit by an american president to malaysia in almost 50 years. kelly? >>> president obama facing a backlash from big labor over the keystone xl pipeline. the head of a major labor union lambasting the president over the latest delay, claiming it's a midterm political student c t student costing jobs. groups expected in washington today to protest the pipeline. molly henderburg with more details. it could have provided 42,000 jobs, is that right? >> reporter: that's what the labor unions are upset about. president obama is getting an earful from groups usually loyal segments of the democratic base. labor unions and environmentalists. but they disagree on this keystone pipeline issues. leaders who were protesting on the mall today, they're glad the president
with leaders in malaysi malaysia. >> there you have it,
national cable satellite corp. 2014] today president obama is in malaysia on the first visit a sitting u.s. president in nearly half a century. he was taken to the national palace for a 600 person state dinner. during his two days he will be meeting with citizen leaders and he will hold a town hall format with 1 -- young leaders across the region. he will be in the philippines monday and tuesday before returning to washington. next, a house hearing on airport safety. in a discussion about the challenges and legal issues facing whistleblowing. that, a foreign on the federal communications commission and the future of communication policy. putting you in the room in congressional hearings, white house events, briefings and conferences. cableed by the tail -- television industry. what's best in hd, like this on facebook, and follow us on twitter. >> the issue of airport security continues to trouble the security administration. he writes their transportation blog. is on the san jose stowaway story. what was the breakdown? >> the issue there was a 16-year-old weight was able to security and
impossible to drive or walk outside. u.s. president barack obama has arrived in malaysia on the third leg of his asian tour. he is the first american leader to visit the country in nearly 50 years. his visit aims to rebalance u.s. attention towards the strategic asia pacific region and to push a regional trade agreement. the world's first permanent museum dedicated to the 1989 tiananmen square protest has opened in hong kong. discussion of the violent military crackdown is banned in mainland china. it's hoped the new facility might educate many who don't know about the event. a report from hong kong >> reporter: with a rip of a copy of china, newspaper dated 25 years ago, the museum is declared open. >> it's designed as a maze and takes the visitor through the events leading up to the june 4th crackdown by the military in which student protesters were killed. at just 75 square meters, it's one of the smallest museums around but organizers expect it to have a big impact. >> we are targeting the younger generation that are born after the june 4th massacre so they can come and experience wha
. greg postal. president obama's in malaysia right now arimrriving in kuala lumpur today. it is his third stop in asia. with another good day to you after this morning. talk about what's on the president's agenda in malaysia and what about the missing plane flight 370, is that going to be a topic of discussion? >> i anticipate it will be a topic of discussion when president obama sits down for a bilateral meeting with the prime minister of malaysia. there's also going to be a joint news conference tomorrow. i wouldn't be surprised if president obama got a question about that or if he offered some comments at the top of that news conference. we'll have to see. of course, this trip overall is a part of the obama administration's attempt to pivot to the asia pacific region. the key topic, when president obama talks to the prime minister will include trade, defense, of course malaysia is one of a dozen countries, that's a member of the transpacific partnership. there have been negotiations about broadening trade deals between asia countries and the united states. of course president obama tri
>>> president obama is attending a state dinner in malaysia where he toasted the long-standing relations between the two countries. it's his first of two days in the country and the first time in nearly half a century the u.s. head of state has visited malaysia. mike viquira brings us more. >> the president addressed u.s. forces gathered at yon song garrison before departing south korea and arriving later in the afternoon in malaysia, becoming the first american president since lyndon johnson some 50 years ago to visit that country. looming over the visit, of course, the tragedy of malaysian air 370, the country reeling, but there are other issues on the agenda: trade among them. the president pushing his trans pacific partnership, opening up markets across east and southeast asia. also, china looming over this visit as it has over the first two legs and japan and south korea principally because malaysia is among those countries that is involved in a territory y'all dispute in the south china sea with no fewer than 6 other nations in that region. on the agenda, although the president isn't like
in malaysia. it's the third stop of his asian tour and the first by an american president in almost 50 years. topping the agenda, trade, defense, and maritime security in the pacific. president obama will hold a town hall style forum which young people and is expected to offer condolences for the tragedy of malaysia might 370. i'm kelly wright. i'll see you back here at 1:00 p.m. for america's news headquaters. now back to "forbes on fox." >> one of the things this country has to keep power in check are the inspectors general. these are independent watchdogs meant to keep government agencies honest. but a bipartisan senate panel says the former ig for the department of homeland security altered and delayed investigations at the request of senior administration officials. steve, is this administration trying to avoid the checks and balances on power? >> absolutely. every chance they get. it's like having a supreme court justice to get instructions on the next decision. you see it with epa. you see it with the national labor relations board. health care almost every day. you see it in finance
. >>> history will be made tomorrow when two popes become saints. >>> and president obama arrives in malaysia. the message he left for republicans before he left for his week-long historic trip to asia. >>> priv from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >>> we're starting this half hour with a quick look at your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argent. good morning, lisa. >> hi, matt. take a look at this isn't this just divine? the sierra nevada this morning, where temperatures are around 30 degrees and local temperatures here. napa, 45, 42 by the delta. still have fog in napa. and we're looking at some cloud cover in san jose. so we will look for a cooler-than-average day today with increasing clouds. and the reason why, we've got a cold front on the way. another one. partly cloudy and cool today, it is a weaker front, though. in fact, we will look for the chance of rain to head our way by late tonight. so if you have some plans overnight into the early morning hours, you're going to want to stay tuned. i'll time out the rain and tell you how much to expect coming up.
violated the country's air space overnight. >> president obama in malaysia this morning. but his visit comes exactly 50 days after flight 370 vanished. >> the nra takes center stage in indianapolis firing back at critics and bringing out the gop's big guns. >>> and get ready to see a lot more of this. the national weather service warning a violent weekend is ahead. >>> take a nice deep breath. i'm victor blackwell. >> we do have breaking news we need to tell you about this hour. the crisis in ukraine, it is intensifying by the hour it seems. the country's prime minister accusi accusing russia of crossing air space multiple time sfwls they are ready to release a round of additional sanctions. we're live in the ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: well, as you're saying, the situation here does grow more tense by the moment. the government in kiev continues to say they are launching what they're calling their anti-terrorism operation. just an indication of how chaotic the situation is, the organization for security and cooperation in europe had mandated a military verification mission h
the plane has just touched down on a short while ago in a while alone or in malaysia this for the second leg of his eight day score of babies of course that the us president is is there in the region trying to strengthen america's ties and influence in the region to attend getting into his motorcade and there at squaw long words. international airport. staying back in the region in all it is tina crew members of the ill fated us south korean ferry and now in custody facing criminal negligence charges but comes as efforts to recover bodies from the ship continue on friday forty eight bodies wearing life jackets were found in one single room one hundred and seventy six people were on board the ferry when it sank most of them students and teachers from one high school on the field trip. preliminary results of afghanistan's presidential election expected this saturday. early counting shows the former foreign minister abdullah abdullah leading but not by enough to avoid a runoff that these afghans will likely be called back to the polls for a second. chantal by more than ten points is his main ri
in malaysia for start of a two-day visit. he's the first american president to go there since lyndon johnson in 1966. now, there's a state dinner tonight and tomorrow mr. obama holds talks with the prime minister on trade and defense. however, he is not meeting with the prominent opposition leader as human rights groups had asked. national security adviser susan rice will do that instead. >>> today four more crew members from the south korean ferry that sank were arrested. now all 15 people who were involveed in navigating the boat are in custody and they're all accused of negligence and failing to help passengers in need. the ferry went down 10 days ago, 187 bodies have been recovered and 115 remain missing. today bad weather forced suspension of diving missions. >>> thousands of pilgrims are converging on the vatican for sunday's canonization of pope john paul ii and pope john xxiii. susan mcginnis now on how pope francis, cardinals and bishops plan to celebrate the sainthood mass. >> i confess. >>reporter: cardinal sean o'malley led friday's mass at santa maria del agatoria in rome. he
a nearly 50 years. but it's plainly come back. >> : of the obama and malaysia on their stock to build will trip to asia. fourth american president to travel to malaysia and for decades. during the visit will be visiting with prime minister. he'll also be honored at a state dinner at the national palate. on a holding a town hall style with young people. >> : still had learning more about that teenager who stowed away on a flight to why his family members now speaking out that the state say what a treat team was getting away. >> : calling a hero for sitting to lives all but the broker actions coming up next. >> : other brokers to continues around the bay area went to bed last night to rain and woke up too cold clear tablatures trade it >> : to the jurors will a bit more wacky next couple days looking for opportunity for showers later on tonight. while most of the sitting proudly reserve for the north of the golden gate bridge pre >> : sematech a clear conditions for most part that's what the church are so cold will have the cloud cover kind of acting like a blanket so have anything to k
is continuing his tour with a stop in malaysia. he is the first u.s. president to visit malaysia in nearly 50 years. >>> an army veteran who grew up in the east bay came back home to visit and received a hero's welcome. army staff srming ty carter is the fifth living recipient of a medal of honor for action in iraq or afghanistan and was awarded with the nation's highest award last year by president obama for his bravery during a battle in afghanistan in 2009. he said he suffered from post- traumatic stress disorder and is speaking out about it. >> you see the bad things going but the good things, there are bad and good all around you, and maybe you should focus on the good things. >> receiving the medal of honor means that the military will not be sending carter back into harm's way. carter said his new battle will focus on helping the veterans here at home. >>> the work of the coast guard is recognized in san francisco. pier 39 is celebrating coast guard appreciation day from noon to 4:00 p.m. organizers want to thank the men and women of the coast guard and recognize their service to the c
. tomorrow two popes become saints. and president obama arrives in malaysia. what he said to the republicans before he left for his week-long historic trip to a to ] when i said that...we weren't ready to have a baby, we're actually eight-weeks pregnant. [women] shut up! [brother-in-law off camera] we're pregnant! [woman] you're kidding me! [man] shut up! [woman] shut up! [screams] take the kid,take the kid,take the kid! [woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying] >> we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hi, matt, good morning. look at the visibility from emeryville and looking back toward the golden gate bridge. right any it's clear and chilly across the bay with numbers in the north bay just in the 30s. ten degrees warmer if you head toward san jose, redwood city 47. good morning san francisco, 48 for you and for the rest of the day today high clouds will be on the increase in advance of a weak weather system. another one that's headed our way. this will be much weaker, breezy winds at the co
with the reg. out of the four countries visiting malaysia is the only one that is not an american al ally. >> it's been identified in the defense review as a strategic partner. obama is making up for lost time. he was due to speak last october at a major economic conference. so by coming there and everybody is mentioning it's the first visit since lyndon bane johnson in 1996, the context is that they played is softly, softly, quiet, quiet defense role allowing it to creep upwards because of problems in the south china sea. >> youyou're watching the new h. coming up, starving in sudan. plus concern in russian hospitals as the government considers banning foreign medical equipment needed to keep patients alive. and in sport, celebrating the life of tito villanova. >> south sudan is facing one of the worst food crisis in recent years despite having the largest largest. south sudan roughly the size of france, 60% of its roads become unusable in the rainy season. it needs 1.3 million tons of food but produces only 900,000. it costs $1,300 to drop one ton of food. that's four times the value of
than a month ago when malaysia's prime minister announced that flight 370 ended in the southern indian ocean. earlier this week, the prime minister struck a different tone with our richard quest. take a listen. >> so, i ask you again, prime minister, are you prepared to say the plane and passengers are lost? >> translator: at some point in time i would be. right now, i think i need to take into account the feelings of the next of kin. and some of them have said publicly that they are not willing to accept it until they find hard evidence. >> just this morning, president obama landed in kuala lumpur promising continued support and assistance in the search for the missing flight. that is doing little to help the family members. many showed up outside the embassy in beijing. two people who know that outrage all too well join me from beijing. sarah bajc, the partner of philip wood and steven wang, whose mother was on the flight. sarah, the prime minister najib razak told richard quest there would be a release of a report. what is it you are looking to learn in the document and how much fai
. so i bring you up to dice with the search for the missing malaysia on a light breeze seventy and it's been fifty days since the plane vanished with two hundred and thirty nine passengers on board the search continues in the southern indian ocean where a series of paintings led investigators to believe the across black boxes might be resting on the ocean floor this tribunal's on a site like military aircraft and eleven ships to be deployed in today's mission. the arm and submarine the brief and twenty one and has recovered from a software issue that is not conducting its fourteenth dalai vehicle has said it was ninety five percent of the water cools ireland side of us has found no traces of the missing plane. what are the site even if the context of interest are made in the coming days. the booth and twenty one will continue to examine the adjacent areas to target said so. glacier is expected to release a preliminary investigation report on the plane's disappearance to the next week. today eleven of the search and rescue mission for the south korean thirty this a wall which capsized
trip. is he in malaysia. kristen welker is at the the white house for us. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning, as the president is in malaysia, the third stop on his trip, by the way, the white house released this statement. condemning russia's actions and stating that the g-7 leaders agreed on imposing more sanctions. given the urgency of securing the opportunity for a successful and peaceful democratic vote next month in ukraine's presidential electrics we have committed to act urgently to intensify targeted sanctions and measu measures. all this comes after president obama held a conference call with the g-7 leaders yesterday while he was in south korea. and while the white house wants to impose sanctions on russia's economic sector, european allies not willing to go as far. they say punishing russia's economy would also hurt their business interests. the president will meet with the prime minister and college students and likely discuss the tragedy of the missing airplane. lester? >> kristen, thank you. >>> millions of people are flocking to the vatican this weekend
spray. >>> new this morning president obama is in the capital city of malaysia to strengthen ties with asian countries. he's the first president to visit since 1966. the president is expected to discuss currency is trade with the prime minister. he's calling out pup cans in congress. he said they are blocking the way to raise minimum rage to ten dollars an hour. increasing the minimum wage would bring 28 million people out of poverty. the average person making minimum wage is 35 years old. >> the republicans have voted or under mind to increase healthcare for americans. they should vote at least once to raise the minimum wage for working families. >> the president did sign a bill to increase minimum wage to $10.10 for federal workers. >>> riders could pay as much as six dollars one way on the rail line. it links coliseum station to the oakland international airport. right now bart officials say tickets will cost between four dollars and six dollars. and on top of the regular part fair to and from the coliseum station. they will set the actual price in june. >>> we are still waitin
thank you. >>> president obama is in kuala lumpur malaysia, the third stop of his four-stop asian swing. it is the first visit of a u.s. president since lyndon johnson. he's spent much time focusing on the tensions in ukraine and on the nuclear threat from north korea. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: good morning. top officials here continue to seek the release of a 24-year-old american detained in north korea april 10th. the circumstances of that arrest remain unclear, and the state department is working through the swedish government to find out more details as the united states has no formal diplomatic relations with north korea. a military dictatorship president obama says poses a direct threat to the united states. president obama listened to south korean president park said north korea could test a nuclear weapon at any moment. mr. obama said the north's nuclear program and pursuit of long-range ballistic missiles pose a threat here and at home. >> some of the missile technology that's being developed, the nuclear weapons that are b
. >>> anger boils over as relatives from the malaysia airlines flight 370 take employees hostage. more than 200 family members held 10 airline workers for 10 hours. they were released. frustrated relatives have been awaiting information. the safe area extended beyond where it was believed to have gone down. >>> coming up, taking aim at the next cause - the nation's largest gun right groups touting the message that the right to own guns is underattack. >> i'm kath turner in new york. the national rifle association influenced the debate and politician. now a grassroots organization is taking on the powerful gun group. >> it creates a landscape that is not connected to one place. >> where for art thou cake and candles - celebrating shakespeare's birthday. >>> good morning, welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm morgan radford live from new york city. here are the top stories - kiev says moscow is bent on starting world war iii. russians along the border are on the brink of invasion. it comes amid a kidnapping by pro-russian separatists. >>> the fastest path to saint hood in recent history, pa
continues his trip overseas in malaysia today. on washington journal we will cover the news coming out of those official visits as well as the latest on the ongoing crisis in ukraine. first we want to hear from our viewers about the u.s. housing market, as some indicators show that the housing market is cooling, new opinion survey seem to indicate americans are optimistic about the housing sector and rising home values as we take you through the latest data and pulled this morning. asking our viewers how optimistic or pessimistic are you about the housing market. tell us how you see the market in the eastern and central u.s.. 202, -- 202 -- 585 -- 3881. you can also catch up with us on all your favorite social media pages on twitter, facebook, or journal we will talk about the data points of the housing market, this is courtesy of bloomberg. after a roller coaster at gate a roller coaster decade of boom and busts -- according to reports this week, mortgage applications plunged 19% from a year earlier -- that is some of the data points from bloomberg news. now some of the o
. here's what's happening, president obama issuing sharp words for north korea. he's in malaysia arriving in the country two hours ago. before touching down in kuala lumpur, he wrapped up his visit with south korea by meeting with u.s. service members thanking them for their service. he also said this about north korea. >> north korea and its people have a choice, they can choose to continue down a lonely road of isolation or they can choose to join the rest of the world, seek a future of greater opportunity and greater security and greater respect. >> nbc's kristin welker is at the white house for us with a good morning to you. what more did the president say about north korea and what did he accomplish on his visit to south korea? >> reporter: well, his goal in south korea, alex, is to reaffirm the united states support and alliance with south korea. the broader goal of this entire trip is a part of the administration's attempt to pivot to the asia pacific region, particularly as it draws down the wars in iraq and afghanistan. so that was really a part of his goal in south korea. as you
obama arrived after a 2-day visit to south korea. malaysia is the third stop in mr obama's week-long tour, the first visit by a u.s. president in more than 40 years. >>> you are watching the newshour from doha, i'm steven cole. still to come - remembering those left behind. we'll be life in the nepalese capital with a climber that just got back from the base camp. >> and a country that wanted to reunite with russia. >>> barcelona's football station reunited for grief as they remember a former coach. >>> south sudan is facing one of the worst food crisis. they could face famine year. south sudan is the size of france, but 60% of its roads are unusable in the rainy season. they need 1.3 million tonnes of food and produces only 900,000. it costs $1,300 to drop one tonne of food - four times the value of the commodity being dropped. not all the country is at risk. in the south-west food is plentiful. we have this report. >> reporter: this is south sudan's green belt. morobo county in the south-west. down here the land is fertile and farmers produce the surplus of food. they have a s
26, 2014. president obama continues his trip overseas in malaysia today. on washington journal we will cover the news coming out of those official visits as well as the latest on the ongoing crisis in ukraine. first we want to hear from our viewers about the u.s. housing
>> end of the road. ♪ >>> this visit, though, comes as anger toward malaysia rises over the search for ma 370. the search inside the sunken ferry off south korea is you the latest. snoou. >>> a warm welcome to on you viewers in the u.s. and around the world. air force one just touched down in kuala lumpur moments ago. he's in the asian region during a particularly painful time for so many people. we'll stay on these live pictures and wait for the u.s. president to depart. we expect that to happen in moments. but this has been a busy trip for the u.s. president. overshadowed somewhat by a number of transportation tragedies in different asian countries on friday, in south korea mr. obama offered condolences for the sinking of the sea ferry there. he pointed out he has two daughters the same age of many of the school children on that vessel. in malaysia the anger and anguish continue for so many families. president obama arriving in the country right now, seven weeks after the disappearance of malaysia airline flight 370. 239 people aboard that boeing 777. as we said, not a trace of w
, south korea, malaysia and philippines. take-home trophy was to be a big trade deal that didn't materialize. there was talk of sanctions, missile test and transportation disasters in two countries. much ballyhoo ed asia pivot doomed to suffer there? >> yes because it is a world and there will always be distractions. pivotama administration's to asia which was part of their iraq and get out of averages and all those always ments and has been bedeviled by distractions. at the ink you can look president's trip and see a step forward. number he finally -- one, he finally got there. >> there were other problems. of big question in the minds everybody in asia is not just is unitedot real but is the states strong and dynamic and big enough to make it count any more. why ukraine, ense even though it is the other side of the world, has a lot to do to asia.pivot those countries in asia are looking at ukraine and saying is united states and the west going to do anything to help the ukrainians. looking at night toe. does it matter to be a member of nato. of this was shoring up traditiona
, and is on route to malaysia. >> harry fawcett has more from the south korean capital, seoul. >> well, this was the first joint visit by u.s. and south korean leader to the combined forces command in seoul, pretty much the headquarters of the military alints between u.s. and -- alliance between u.s. and south korean forces and where the conflict will be directed from as far as the southern side is concerned. it's no coincidence because a key agreement that president obama reached with president park geun-hye was to reconsider the timing of the handover of what's known as operational control in the event of a conflict on the korean peninsula, which is due to transition to the south korean forces by the end of 2015. south korea wants to delay that, seen as an indication of the level of the security situation on the peninsula, as north korea pursues nuclear weapons. president obama spoke about that in his speech to u.s. forces here, saying that anybody can brandish a missile. what shows true strength is to open the political system to democracy. little question that the words are being t
is in asia week stopping in japan, south korea, malaysia, and the philippines. yesterday in japan president obama and prime minister abe voiced their commitment to create an economic cooperation zone in the pacific befitting the 21st century by continuing negotiation on the transpacific partnership agreement. president obama said yesterday as he has many times that the opportunity toan make trade fair and transparent and create good jobs for american workers to ensure producers of commodities, services, and manufactured goods can access international theets, and particularly fastest growing markets in the world to protect intellectual property. i think, as i mentioned, as john stump said, that does not mean that we need an agreement that is only good for business. we need an agreement that is good for american workers and supports good paying jobs at home while protecting workers rights in the environment around the world. united states and japan are committed to taking the bold steps necessary to come fleet a high standard, comprehensive agreement. after working around the clock,while the
. go to and the mystery of flight 370 it just keeps getting more bizarre. today malaysia airlines keep saying angry passengers held members hostage for hours. roger maynard is live with the latest. what in the world is going on now? >> yeah. greta. it's indicative of the growing sense of frustration among relatives of the m 3700 victims. tensions have boiled over again with some of malaysian airlines officials being held captive in a beijing hotel for 10 hours no less. they were eventually released with you not before one of them was physically attacked by one of the relatives. a big demonstration in beijing. and clearly, the relatives here are reaching the end of their tether and want some sort of closure. want some kind of evidence, you know, to satisfy them about what has happened. that evidence has been totally unforthcoming and, indeed, there has been a comment from an unnamed u.s. defense official today, saying it may be years before any wreckage is found. greta? >> are any -- i mean, it seems like a number of these passengers relatives abandoned giving -- almost ha
to head to malaysia, but continue with this. and why was the decision to announce these proposed sanctions made on late friday night. >> well, there's an urgency and it is saturday noon mere this seoul, john. this is an urgency. clearly the vladimir putin continues to ignore and perhaps even thumb his nose at the west. president obama has talked about the calculous that president putin has to keep in find aledging that his country is facing dire economic repercussion as a result of what has happened so far. so the g-7 leaders announced that they will move swiftly to impose more sanctions on russia, targeted sanctions and measures against individuals and entities. still falling short of the brood sectors of the russian economy. and as you reported, white house officials tell us a specifics are likely to come on monday. the president is speaking to four of the g-7 leaders friday night, a fifth, from japan who consulted in person from japan on the first leg of this trip. so they continue to prepare to move those broader sanctions that we were talking about. >> mike, we just watched the presid
to occupy his country militarily and politically. tonight, president obama heads to malaysia. >>> governor jerry brown issued a second executive order today to try to help battle california's drought. the latest order takes new steps to help fight wildfires and to assist cities and farmers. it streamlines the rules for purchasing firefighting equipment. it allows prrt owners to quickly clear brush and dying trees from their land. governor brown's first drought related order was back in january. >>> meantime, time magazine released its list of the most influential people and jerry brown made the list. he's in the leaders' category, seven spots below president obama. governor davis wrote about brown's accomplishments for the issue. davis praised his handling of the california billion-dollar budget deficit and job creation. >>> sharing the list with governor brown, john kerry and former secretary of state hillary clinton. terrell williams earned a spot. his biography is written by justin timberlake. but bedwron say sits on top of the -- beyonce sits on top of the category. she's on the cover.
question also in the search of malaysia lines flight 370, high hopes for the piece of debris found on the shore of australia was, was the plane dashed just moments ago. >> jon: you are telling me there was breaking news that this might be the plane and in the time it took you to roll your theme song you found outbreaking news. now it is nothing. the worst part is you know cnn was like great job, everybody, we scooped everybody on the plane debris story and then we scooped them again when it was nothing! that's how you run a news network. >> there has to be something ellsworth covering. >> the new u.n. report on climate changes is full of serious warnings and predictions of what is to come. >> intense heat waves that feed fires, wiping out forests and homes. prolonged draws that damage food and water supplies for billions of people. >> jon: that is just pbs, i mean they are talking about the u.n. report that stated that we are all going to die. but that, actually it sounds like it could be something. it is no wheel of flotsam like they are reporting on cnn but in fact the day the r
, president obama actually arrives in malaysia on saturday evening. he addresses of course the ferry tragedy on the south korean visit. did the prime minister have anything to say about the malaysian/american relationship. >> reporter: yes, the prime minister most certainly did have something to say about the relationship. he sees the way malaysia is positioned between say for example the united states and china. the u.s., of course, has been a traditional ally. but the friendship has not been that great. now, of course, when the president arrives the first sitting president in some 48 years, he is very keen, the prime minister, to establish a relationship that puts malaysia if you like at the heart of china and the united states. he doesn't want to play them off against each other. but at the same time, he also doesn't want to annoy one to the exclusion of the other. >> okay, richard quest. miguel marquez, appreciate your reporting, gentlemen. let's turn to our experts, david souci. and former faa inspector of "why planes crash." and been down to the titanic more than any other person, and
malaysia airlines flight learn that the staff were held postage for hours. they were released early this morning. frustrated relatives had been waiting for new information. so far there has been no trace of the plane. >>> there have been several more avalanches blocking paths on mount ere rest. today our correspondent spoke exclusively with one of the survivors. >> reporter: managing to smile despite losing his friends in a avalanche, he considers himself lucky to be alive. he was one of six who survived the disaster a week ago on mount everest, he told me that it happened quickly. he has been a sherpa guide since 2008 and only started climbing a year ago. my family never wanted me to scale the peak or be a guide, but when you see the view from the top it's magical. but we lost so many, i'm giving up, and when i'm better i'm returning to my village to be a farmer. other sherpas are now reluctant to return to the slopes. this man represents mountaineering toll operators. >> translator: mountainering is the background of the rural economy. it can bring inasmuch as $26 million as it di
took their answers right for the top. sitting down with malaysia's prime minister. and some argue they will get the same. >> prime minister, are you prepared to say that the plane and its passengers are lost? >> at some point in time i would be. but right now i think i need to take into consideration the feelings of the next of kin. and some say they're not willing to accept it until they find hard evidence. >> well, that was yesterday. a month ago he said the opposite. listen. >> it is therefore with deep sadness and regret know -- that i must inform you according to this new data, mh-370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> joining us now is steve wang whose mother was on flight 370. steve, thank you for joining us. i am sorry it is under those circumstances. i can only imagine how frustrated you are at this point. how are you holding up? >> well, we'll finally find our family, our loved ones, no matter how long it will be. we'll keep up. >> you have been searching for answ answers, getting none from malaysian officials. our reporter from kuala lumpur, he asked about the quest
. tonight, the president heads to malaysia, home to another developing headline. the search for the missing jetliner and the 239 vanished people on board. in washington, kron 4 news. >>> the annual convention of the n r a is up and running, in indianapolis, several contenders for president was scheduled to speak there today. florida senator, and former pennsylvania senator rick. they will all be speaking at the conventions leadership forum about gun right ts and pushing back on gun control measures. >>> coming up at 5:45, cats and dogs, reptiles and bird, the illnesses that you can catch from your pets. and next, do you hit the snooze button in the morning? how the bay area stacks up to the rest of the country when it comes to arriving at work. stocks closing lower this friday, wiping out the week's games, dispinting earnings reports from ford and other big companies as well as concern over the escalating tensions in ukraine weighed on the market today. wirethey're big. fast. andome. dependable. and at net10 wireless, we let you tweet, text, talk and surf... on those amazing nationwide netw
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